How to maintain your firm’s chains?

11 Novembre 2019

Sooner or later, everything wears out. Any kind of chain, even the best, after a certain amount of time, however long it might be, won’t be working as it should anymore: it might take five to ten years, but it is necessary to prevent (just like in other fields) via a proper maintenance.

How to maintain your firm’s chains?
Especially in the industrial field, which is the one that we cover, chains are used several times on a daily basis, therefore, even though they might be made out of high quality material, in this article we will help you understand what to do in certain scenarios.

Chains may stop working or wear out for plenty of reasons, like a bad lubrication system or a poor maintenance, if not even lack thereof.
There are however some signs that help us understand when a chain is about to fail:

  • Continuous noise
  • Sudden jam of the mechanism
  • Clear and obvious slide difficulty
  • Excessive tension when the machineries are activated

You should avoid reaching these points. The only way possible is to lubricate the chains via an adequate and customized system, able to totally clean them and prevent any malfunction… to do so you need an excellent detergent, perfected by professionals: for instance, have you heard of our system Gabry?

CEM Group Srl can assure greater continuity to the chains without having to replace them within very few years!
The best choice is always to prevent.
In order to keep the proper maintenance of your chains, contact us on the phone! We are eager to answer any question and tailor our offer for you!