29 Ottobre 2019

The lubrication of chains is crucial nowadays in order to protect the environment and prevent pollution.


A poorly lubricated chain will wear out quickly because with the inevitable buildup of rust and dust in its joints and the friction they cause, the surface of the pins and the bushings becomes rough and develops actual cracks. These conditions will in turn cause the stiffening of the joints, the elongation of the chain and in extreme cases they might also cause the latter to break.

“Gabry”, the rotating system that our firm is offering, autonomously works on the lubrication of any type of chain via the drop of just the right amount of oil – needed to reduce friction, wear and elongation – between the metallic moving parts:
on each of the joints, between the plates and between the pins and the rollers on each side.

(Beware: the system is compatible with the use of all kinds of oils on the market, apart from the so-called “aggressive” ones).

It can also satisfy the necessity to lubricate at the same time, and properly, multiple chains with different speeds and paces, granting the opportunity to adjust the timing of application and pause thus optimizing the system’s management.
The most relevant perks are:

  • An always clean and efficient chain;
  • Optimization of the needed lubricant;
  • Rid of the machine downtime often needed for their lubrication

The dispensers “Gabry” may be used under temperatures ranging from -50°C to 250°C and for those systems in which thermal dilations won’t allow a fixed geometry installation, it is installed with a hinge mechanism that allows to properly compensate for the movements due to thermal dilations.

Gabry’s power is supplied by an electric panel, which is completed with a tank up to the needs, equipped with an electric minimum level gauge, a modular system of regulation which consists of proportioning units, a pressure regulator, a pressure gauge, time settable solenoid valves and flow regulators for each dispenser.
Run and stall times of the system may be managed in two ways:

  • By using the PLC of the machine where the system is installed
  • By using a switchboard

The mechanical device Gabry grants joints with smooth and shiny surfaces, with barely detectable wear traces and an irrelevant elongation. It finds widespread use in almost every industrial field where chains are used as a transport or strength tool.

For further information and costs, do not hesitate to contact us!